About me

I was born and raised in Lipetsk, Russia
I'm 23 years old
I love exploring and taking photos
Blue is my favorite color

My skills

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
Bootstrap, Materialize
Slim, ERB, Haml
Latest works
My happy clients
This is only a small part of the reviews about my Upwork profile
Yuriy is a very talented developer. He always finishes tasks ahead of schedule. This guy is so fast with tasks that I can hardly keep up. He also has amazing attention to detail and even suggests a lot of improvements and optimizations.
Vlad Bretgoltz
Yuriy is an excellent freelancer 
who pays attention to details.
Really good work!
Mathias Briquemont
Yuriy was fantastic to work with! Very communicative, attentive and gets the job done ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend Yuriy to anyone looking for Front-End development using the Bootstrap framework.
Will definitely be hiring again and again!!!
Corey Lewis
He did good job just the time he was sick but he did his work outstanding!
Mohamad Tellawi
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My photos
You can see more on my Unsplash page